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A lovely site for a picnic.

Or kite flying, or a nice walk.

It was a very hot walk. It was a heat index of 105, but our suffering was nothing compared to what men had to endure here.

30,000 men are here.

You cannot see them, but they are there. 30,000 men died here.

This is Mule Shoe. In 20 hours of fighting, most of it hand to hand, an impossible number of men battled it out.



So many bullets flew through the air that it felled a tree. The tree stump is in the Smithsonian.

In down pouring rain, wave after wave of soldiers climbed battlements, the mud slick with rivers of blood, climbing over broken, screaming bodies of fallen friends into the maw of masticating bayonets and stabs of gunfire.

In school, they said that more Americans died during the civil war than any other. The reason is because both sides were American, and because they were all American, the body count seems so high.


The body count was so high because there was so many willing to fight and die for a nation and for a way of life. The North killed to preserve a union, the South, to save their culture. Generals Grant and Lee had the dark, horrific job of sending men, boys to their death in staggering numbers. Jobs they were good at. After a charge breached a Southern line, pushing deep with 8,000 men before being repelled, General Grant thought, "well, if 8,000 can go that deep, then 20,000 aught to do the trick!"

He lined them up in column, a battering ram of blue jackets, and marched them forward.

That was standard tactics in a world before smart bombs, cruise missiles, AEGIS systems and Predator drones.

30,000 men.

Sleep well.

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