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I hate meeses to peices!

I brought in the Christmas lights today. It's been rainy and snowy and this is the first full sunny day that I could go out there and unwind them from the tree. I had noticed that most of the lights were not working. I figured for that many lights to be out it had to be a fuse. While unwinding the tree, I found a socket end on the ground. Well, that must be it. A bit of moisture must have gotten in there, froze and broke off the plug. Since the lights are all chained together in series, this must be the culprit.

Options, One I can fix it or two, replace this section.

No problem.

I get inside and I check the other sets. The first set is not working. Hmmm. I check it and find a wire broke. Gosh, the winter was really rough on the lights this year. I check a second, it's dying. It too has a broken wire. Uh, really? Third set has two broken wire.

Closer inspection reveals a little charring, and teeth marks.


Mice nibbled the crap out of the lights. To repair I would have to go through every inch of line and I still can assure myself that they would be safe. I don't need a forest fire for Christmas.

So, I guess I'll be shopping for lights. I may pay for the ones in tubes which may provide more outdoor protection.

But how do the mice chew through wire without being shocked?

I had a rabbit one, her name was Mikat, and she chewed through a refrigerator power cord. She then ate the cord, copper and all.

And she was fine. Lived to a ripe age of 9. (She was a Norwegian Dwarf)

Heavy sigh.
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