June 8th, 2012


Getting back to training

I wrap the night about my shoulders like a cloak. It isn't raining but it's so humid it doesn't have to be. Everything is wet, dripping, diamonds reflected in the garage light. I slip into my gloves. They were left still clinging to my weapons. Gloves on, weapons ready.

The Pell trembles.

Foot work, in out. Feint, then drive home. I catch myself pausing, posing for pictures. I growl at myself for doing it.

Hit sick.

Breathe, strike, don't telegraph where you're going, block, hit, block, hit.

Hit sick.

Flat snap, off side, wrap.

Hit sick.

I have a poor left handed wrap shot. My arm resists bending that way. So instead I drive the left home with unmitigated power.

Hit sick.

That's a cop out. I should practice completing the wrap, get it over so the blade edge bites home. I deepen my stance and flex more of my body and it slides in nicely but it's right on the side of legal. A smidgen lower and I'm putting a screaming liner into the soft back of someone's knee.


I practice more shots, raise that left handed wrap, but it's not ready for action yet. In the meanwhile, I still have a solid left handed forward shot.

Hit sick.

Heat rate up, breathing a little heavy, just a little warm up, just a little pell work.

Hit sick.
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