January 24th, 2013


I've been colder

More are arctic preparations.

The cold can do weird things to stuff and the last place you want to be is in no where land trying to make your emergency beacon or some such doohicky work only to find that it doesn't and you're frelled.

With single digit temps I took my faithful backpacking stove and left it outside for two hours and then went to light it. Honestly, it was not happy.

It wouldn't start with the sparker so I went to back up lighter and got it going. Important thing to know, bring back up lighter.

I've ordered some Fire Paste, this goo that you put on the generator tube and set a light. It burns, warms things up, and using its flame you can start the stove.

However, once I turned off my stove I found it was leaking a bit. Not good. It needs it's seals and suff looked after, a common thing with stoves. My is very rugged and I beat the crap out of it but it needs a little TLC too. I ordered a maintenance kit as well. A little tune up and I'll be raring to go!
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Streetlight serenader

I have a thing for street lights. It's such a detail, such an over looked but wondrous art. Some guy spent a lot of time and thought to make a bit of glowing beauty. We ignore them, huddled into our coats, brushing along through the bustling crowds, villains look up, but only hiss angry at the light.

And the art, beauty and cleverness is lost.

Lighting our way, safety, casting back the night.

I also have a thing for wrought iron fences.

Guarding us, protecting us, with a shield of hard, cold beauty.

What can I say? I'm impressed by the art of utility and function.
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