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Dragoncaller Multidimentional
I know you are all an hallucination, but thanks for coming anyway.

I wasn't there. Well, I'm mean, yes I was there, but was wasn't there. I was standing there, right? The knife? Uh, no. Uh, I was holding it, yes. For ah, friend. No I don't know his name so I guess it's on me. And Caesar was there, where you are and like, was facing that way and he stepped back suddenly, and I was like, don't back up, bro! Don't back up! But he backed right up into me and I tried to back up but I was against the column so I had no where to go and Caesar like was stepping back again. That was when he looked back at me and said, oh, my bad, Bru.

That's what happened, officer.


Call a Dragon