October 24th, 2015


Grandure and God

The end of things. There is a perfectly good biological reason for the leaves of the trees to turn color. The trees are unthinking of the squirrels, yet they take the mission clearly; store up nuts and food for winter is soon coming. We see it too, that message that the fun is over, yet as we prepare, take the AC out of the windows, pull covers over the BBQ, pull the boats in, we still take a moment from our labors and look up.

At the color.

Red is so opposed to green and seeing the green trees blush with so many colors we can only marvel.

We wonder about the existence of God, yet we don't wonder about why we waste time taking in the splendor, the beauty. The fact is we can conceive of such things is only a gift. To marvel at art where there is no biological explanation for it to be is the lasting gift from heaven. Darwin would've beaten it out of us years ago, and yet we still appreciate the dying burst of color from the trees.

Yes, it's that time again when I strip off all of my clothes and walk outside naked. I wore a felt hat today because it was a bit chilly. The trees have gotten a little sparse on the north corner. I'll make plans to put in some evergreens in the spring. There are a LOT of acorns out there. More than I remember in previous years.

I got a phone call today. I had to make a life changing decision. It isn't absolute yet, but we're starting a journey and more than likely a new beginning. I now staring at the computer, watching the blinking cursor wondering who to say it without too much vagueness.

I'm retiring soon.

When is to be decided, but soon is the answer. Ahm not up for this anymore. The steely sharp knives in the back have finally scored a little too deep. The betrayals, like a zombie horde, have built up too much, too many. Bad guys I can handle, it's just some of the good guys are not so good sometimes.

Tonight we'll have a fire in the fireplace and we'll hunker down, preparing for the winter ahead.

But here's the thing about winter...

It is followed by Spring.
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