September 7th, 2019


Goodnight, Kage

Tuesday, September 3rd, Kage passed away. Like all things we had hoped for a last moment rally. She finally ate a few days before and we thought she had made it around the bend.

In 2004 we adopted Kage. She had been a stray and had kittens when she was six months old. The kittens all went to good homes, but who wanted a year old cat? We did, of course. We were reeling from Dr. Jones sudden death and there was a cat shaped hole in our hearts. We adopted Kitten Rose and Livingston all within the same month. We suddenly had four cats and three ferrets!

Rose was a stray found in a box in Norwich, the Rose City, with 18 other kittens. Rose was the tiniest and the last of the 18 kittens to find a home.

Livingston was found in a duffle bag in a dumpster. I don't think too much on that.

Gin the ferret was found roaming the street. Brutus the Ferret was adopted because his parents, two loving people, couldn't care for him. Naga the ferret came from the pet store.

They joined Lt. Patches. Lt. Patches was a kitten from an adopted stray, Newt. Dr. Jones was her sister.

Rose, Kage, Gin, Naga, Brutus, Dr. Jones, Lt. Patches have all gone.

There is a hole in our hearts.

Summer is ending.

We are leaving the Shire.

It's a wonderful place! Everything we ever wanted!

I gave away my Kitchen Clutch Cabinet today. There is a hole in the kitchen where it sat.

A hole in my heart.

The villains who are our neighbors covet our happiness. if I want something, I save up and buy it. If they want something, they tax it and take from me. That's it in a nutshell. My greatest investment, my home, is losing value. Like the Stockmarket, you buy low, sell high, and we bought amazingly low, but we missed the high and projections are if we wait long enough we will lose our entire investment.


In three years alone I have lost 25,000 dollars. I don't know about you but I cannot afford 25,000 dollars. I have been mocked, ridiculed, and scoffed. It is easy to dismiss someone else's losses. It's my fault. I'm not complaining. I'm just leaving my beautiful home because of the insipid and selfish decisions of others. I'm not looking for sympathy, just silence. Have a tall, frosty glass of Not yo' business juice and move on.

No, they have things to say. They must say them. They cannot physically shut the hell up.

If I move, there is a very good probability I will be debt free. Completely! Zero debt! Can you imagine? This probability narrows into the 95% range within a hand full of years. In five years it narrows into the 99.9% chance I will have no debt.

Somehow that is a crime, to be debt free.

Well then, like Robin Hood I will be an outlaw!

It means, however, I must leave my beautiful home.

There is a hole in my heart.
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