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Welcome home, gentlemen.

Nervous, quickly glancing about, then striking, Bing! Bing! Then gone. Not a blur. Too fast for that. Military generals watch with drooling lips at the percision of the act. Effeicent, no energy wasted, no time wasted.

Birds at the feeder, a new crew up from the south to spend their spring in New England. A woodpecker goes after the suet, a baby jay after the seed, a squirell looks up from the ground, planning his assualt.

I'm back out in the sunshine, a gentleman to keep me company, Barenaked Ladies to entertain me. I'm on the deck, my poor aging laptop still kicking it, still keeping up with her 21st century siblings, teaching them how to get it done old school, before Blu-ray was a noun, back when Blue Tooth was something you went to the dentist for, back when BBS was King and the alpha omega.

Ghaa! A gnat has flow into my beer! Ahhh! Help! Fish him out and make him spit it out! Spit it out you bastard! Spit it out!


Nature, you can keep it. Surrounded on all sides by it. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Sentence structure? I always looked at grammar as more like guidelines, m'self.

I am happy.

Dare I say that? Least something comes in to change it, some lawyer pops up and sues me for false advertisment, some god, a minor one like the god of Bomber Targeting Scopes or the god of Having Exact Change In Your Pocket or Commas takes offence and sends a plauge or bombs to screw it up for me, knock me back a few pegs. Teach me who's boss and the difference between guidlines and actuall rules.

Grammar cops: Talk all ya want, you're still getting a ticket.

And yet, I'm still happy. P'raps because it's Friday, I'm on my third gentleman, because the sun is warm and the gentle breeze is cool and the birds are singing and I've gone back to my real job.

You can only be cast adrift for so long before finding your way back to harbor, to familar waters. Community Liason is a fine job, but it wasn't ment to be forever. It could be a lot of fun, an adventure, but it could also kill you like cholesteral.

Death by bacon fat is not in my long range game plan.

There are two kinds of home comings. Frodo and Sam came back to the Shire and found they were taller than everyone else. The truth is they had grown.

The second homecoming is where everything fits as if you never left. The smells are familar, things are where you left them.

My homecoming was both.

Now do you see why I'm happy?
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