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To the class of 2008

Congratulations! This is your moment. You are the beautiful princes and princesess of the world. The road before you leads to adventure and hope and wonder. Today you command all that fall before you. Today you stand at the start of a journey that will bring you the riches of the history and wisdom of the ancients.
Tomorrow, you will wear a paper hat and finish all your sentences with, 'You want fries with that?' and your life will be filled with misery, pain and disappointment. Your dreams, so vivid and clear just a moment ago will be faded and forgetten, sold to compromise, cannibalised to survival and just out right abandonded. Your beauty will wither like the blossoms, so magical and mystical one day, then brown and shrivled the next. Your body will betray you just as fast as your first spouse.
Knees? Take a picture of them now. You will miss them.
You will curse the universe and cling to the only hope left to you, that you will either die or embrace dymentia before going into adult diapers.
But that is tomorrow.
It is today, and for today, the universe is yours!
Please remember, the universe needs to be back by 11am or you will be charged an extra day.
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