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Ding! We have a winnah!

noelcc and moldavite_sofa figgured it out. shesingsnow following clues like a CSI detective, also figured it out. For those who thought it was an acrobatic alligator training tank, you were less than correct. emt_hawk was very, very close, but this being an unfair contest, we needed a more specific answer.

For those who still haven't gotten it, here are your last, unfair clues.

If a two thousand pound pig had a street named after it, what would the street be named?

The Answer, under the

A two thousand pound pig's street would be Ham-ton road. Or the battle of Hampton Rhodes, the infamous duel of the Iron Clads, Monitor vs. Virginia. The picture was the actual turret and gun of the USS Monitor, being restored. hotcoffeems visited the site while it was still out doors. Get it? Naval battle on a road? I did say this was an unfair contest.

Thanks for playing. Your prize? A few moments of valuable brain stimulation which doctors say will help stave off the effects of Old Timer's Disease.
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