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All the little things.

This weekend I did a bunch of little things that I usually don't get a chance to do.

I finished putting knocks and points on my new arrows. I've been practicing heavily and I have the blister on my ring finger to prove it. Even through my deer skin glove. Ouch.

I started work on converting Law of Shadows into a Rich File for emt_hawk. Wasn't as easy as I had hoped. But I gave it a good start.

I updated my web page with the latest edition of Shard's Tactics, the first chapter to Shard's Thugs.

It's come to my attention, that some of you on my f-list hasn't read Shard's Tactics. You should. It's only 11 pages long and you will laugh out loud. If you don't laugh out loud at least once, I'll refund your money, no, double back your money. My guarantee. Don't believe me? Ask photodharma. He's been waiting two years for the rest of the story.

Scanned more photos, cleaned up the room, worked on my new novel, title still pending, and beat kagetsunami's high score on Bejeweled.

In about an hour I'm going out to eat with goodkarma74 and kagetsunami. It's an impromptu thing, I don't know where yet, but you can all join us if you like.

It was a good day.
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