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Challange accepted.

It was a day to prepare for war. Blankets of stifling heat combined with breath stealing humidity and a turbulent sky that threatened to storm every five minutes, a little thunder off in the distance for good measure.

In the shade of a tree, I met with Gerulf and I proposed to him a challenge. A most difficult and dangerous challenge. Wear my baldric and become my student, learn and train and serve my household (which right now is inclusive of me and that's about it) and I will teach him what humble skills that I have to be a weapon of mass destruction on the battlefield, and a good gentle of his majesties court.

(I'm the one wearing the Viagra hat)

Gerulf has accepted my challenge and has become my squire.

I was going to sign the deal by drinking Sake, but I decided that booze and heat was a bad combination.
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