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Think you are a geek?

Do you? Really? A geek? Or maybe you think you're a mundane, a normy, one of the cool kids.

Well, lets see.

If your house burned down, would you call your insurance company or fight the firefighters holding you back from running into the burning building while you scream, "Lemme go! There's a Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns signed in gold in there!"

If some one said, "Hey, that's a nice Gazebo." Do you reply, "Why yes it is." or "I attack the Gazebo!"

If someone points "A blue canary!" do you instantly sing, "Hidden over by the light switch who watches over you!" or do you say, "Canaries don't come in blue."

If someone says, "Roll a d20" do you roll a 20 sided die or do you say, "Wait, do I get pluses for the bard singing?"

If pie means 3.14159265358979323846, and you knew that off the top of your head, and you're thinking, that's pi, doofus, and at no time did the words, apple, cherry or cobbler pop into your head.

Well? How did you do. Still not sure?
Well, here's the final question.

Are you reading this journal?

Then you are a geek.

Yes, accept it. You're a geek. You may not have your own custom latex Vulcan ears (or think it's funny to have latex Vulcan ears... Get it? Latex vs Vulcanized rubber? Never mind) or your own copy of Bored of the Rings, but you know someone who does and that makes you a geek by default.

A true geek must have the geek accouterments, a copy of Advanced Dungeon's and Dragon's DM guide, a Franklin Mint One Ring to Rule them All, and a Calendar geeks

Here to explain it to you is zephyrofgod

Calender Geeks

So, there you have it. You're a geek, accept it, you'll never be one of the cool kids and deep down inside, you don't want to be. Order your Geek Girls Calender now,
Calender Geeks
And embrace your geekness.

I suggest for 2010, anneheart for literary geek, fallingblossom for grammar geek, abandonada for fan geek, goodkarma75 for D&D chick, st_alix for elvish archer geek, susquehanna for computer geek, moldavite_sofa for library geek, softpaw for fairy geek, h3salthea for crazy dragon lady geek, ladyshrew for Shakespeare geek, kagetsunami for geek girl we all afraid off, and xgreenjudasx for fighter geek.
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