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The source of my power.

The sun has burned off the last of the day sky and darkness settles the earth with a heavy blanket. Thick air filled with more water than oxygen settles on the skin, weighs on the lungs and traps the heat of the day.
Blue light flashes, quick and hot, a sheet of power across the distant, quickening sky. Heat lightning, Summer lightning, sheet lightning. Far way, over there, someone else's storm, p'raps. Its light is dull, feeble, and yet it lights up all of the above in an instant.

My back went out on Thursday. It flashed across my spine like heat lightning, dull and insistent and I knew right away, I was frelled.
I've been out since. Scrounging the medicine cabinets for pain killers. Nothing has helped. P'raps I need fresh ones.

I went to the Chiropractor on Thursday and he wasn't there. He had a substitute. Dr. Substitute has some room to improve. I felt worse after seeing him. My regular doc will be back on Monday and I'll be sitting at his front door.

They say the center of your power is the center of your body, the abdomen. I say, it's my ass.

What went out is my sacroiliac. This is a joint where the sacrum and ilium meet. This is located at the point where my spine and pelvis meet, somewhere in my ass. Something twisted out of whack and needs to be put back in. But the pain bleeds out my chakra, my chi, my energy like an open wound. I can't do anything. I can barely write this post.

In the meanwhile, here's something a little fun, if not stoopid.

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