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Once a year, you get a day like today

It was a day full of sun, so much so, there were no shadows. Impossible as it may be, there were no shadows anywhere. Not under foot or under tree. I lifted up a large rock and I could feel the cool, dampness underneath, but yet, there were no shadows.

Everyone was outside walking around or biking, or sailing, or carrying protest signs, but no one said a word. It was silent, save for a random car honk or a bird chirp, resoundingly loud in the quiet.

No one talked.

It was too nice to stay inside. Sunny and warm and friendly without shadows anywhere, like a holiday, a day without restraint. People didn't go to work, or do any chores. You could walk around naked and no one would say anything.

No one was talking. No one dared.

On the day with no shadows, a rare day indeed, no one can tell a lie.

People figured this out pretty damn quick, let me tell you!

So instead of telling the truth, blurting out a confession such as, I complain about speeders all the time, although I speed myself, or I surf for internet porn! I think fat people are fat because they are lazy and evil, or my favorite, while I would never spank my children because that is abuse and only teaches violence, I neglect them all the time. I don't even know what they're doing now.

So instead of saying things like that, they say nothing. Only nod to one another as the walk, or jog, or bike past.

Enjoy the quiet. Enjoy the dog's bark and the bird's chirping. Enjoy the car alarm and the police siren. I'm sure that tomorrow will have some cool shadows to hide in.

Then, we'll talk.
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