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Testing my new wireless

I'm moving faster.

Can you tell?

My new wireless transmitter is hooked up and I'm moving now at a speed of almost 50% faster. That means that there will be 50% more grammatical errors. 50% more jokes that no one will get and 50% more posts that seem to ramble about sensless, but well written.

To do it, I had to risk much. I had to expose myself and stand still as the invisible hand of Bill Gates reached out and pluck another bit of my soul for him to snack on.

The battle is not over. Now to go back and make sure the firewalls are still implace, and the new Nintendo Wii is hooked up and ready to go.

In the mean while, a quiz.

Since this is not a day without shadows, in the mid summer afternoon there are plenty. But it's time to tell the truth! Time to confess and clear your soul.

I'll start.

I confess that sometimes, when I see a guy doing stoopid shit with a motorcycle on the highway, for a breif moment, I hope he crashes.

Now it's your turn. Your chance to clear your soul and make it clean enough for Bill Gates to eat.

Poll #1233043 Confess!

Confess your sins!

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