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Feel the Wii

Day 3 of Wii.

I decided to do 20 minutes before sitting down to watch t.v.. I put down my margarita, turned on the balance board and went at it. Head butting soccer balls for a warm up, then some strength, a little yoga and then some down hill skiing for a cool down.

This thing has great potential. My balance is great, but my back is not so great. Flexibility has always been my weak point, so working on that is great. There are a lot of toning excersizes which lord knows, I need some tone, and some muscle and some wind and some non-grey hair. The game has it all including the non-grey hair.

20 minutes to get the heart rate up before t.v.? Not the greatest work out, but better than 20 minutes of thinking about it before sitting back to watch some Ghost Hunters.

Like everything, it's stick to it, but perhaps with a little fun and it's right there in the living room where I can't ignore it, I might actually use this thing.
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