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Disappointing destruction

Tropical Storm Hanna is sort of a let down after the weeks of fear and prep that we've had to endure. Ghosts of 1938 and 1872 and 1782 (the storm that sank the town of South Stonington) and comparisons in destructions were all brought around fresh and new for all of us to cower away in terror from. Hanna was to prove that New England is not ready for Katrina sized storms.


Now if you want a storm, here's a storm!

It's been raging for over 400 years and is twice the size of Earth! Winds clocked at 270 miles per hour!

Think of the destruction! Look at the bones, man! Now that is a storm to write home about!

Call me when that happens here. Till then, get all freaked out about your wambsy pambsy little rain showers elsewhere.
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