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Good bye, Daniel.

I said goodbye to Daniel on Sunday. I didn't know him as much as I would have liked. What I did know of him was he would get up early to do his chores, finish them, and then go do the stuff he wanted to do. You never had to chase after him, or comment on a shoddy job he did. He worked hard and got stuff done. If I had to pick a team, he'd be on it.

When a baby or child dies, there is so much potential. That kid could have been the first person on Mars, or President of GM or something great. But that kid also could have been an asshole, a drug dealer or professional welfare recipient.

When an old person dies, we think, "You had your chance. You gave it a shot. Hope you enjoyed the run."

But when a young person dies, right at the point when they choose their path, their goals, and set out with open eyes and an exuberant heart to go and meet the challenge of the world, that just sucks.

For the short time you were here, Daniel, you did a great job. When you cross the bridge of swords, hold your head high with pride, you earned it. The path you chose was to defend your country, your friends and family and there is no more noble a path than that.
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