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Poer! I has it!

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This was obviously written by some schmoe who did not have absolute power. I mean, if he did, he wouldn't give an oily bag of smashed assholes about being corrupt.

But I know.

Yes! I know all about absolute power! Absolute power over every man, woman and child old enough to pee standing up and I have that power.

Total, unmitigated power over the entire human race.

The entire human race including you.

Uh huh. You. Because I now control the glowing one eyed god that lives in all your homes. The one eyed glowing god that tells you what to wear, when to beat your spouse and what disease you have that requires medicine that will alleviate your symptoms while giving you some horrible anti-social disorder that requires even more hinky medicine to treat.

Treat is defined as makes you feel better, but does nothing to cure you.

Yes, I control your T.V.. Cathode ray tube, flat screen, plasma, projection, shadow puppets whatever you got, I control.

I have become the eyes of Neilson! What I watch will become what you watch. I will say what goes off the air and what crap stays on. CSI? No, you will now watch Dr. G.. Reality T.V.? Nope, unreality with Doctor Who. What I say, goes.

I'm thinking Firefly needs to be back on the air with new episodes. Yes, I like the sound of that.

But I am a benevolent god, sometimes, and if you appease me (no kowtowing, it gets head grease on the carpet) I may decide to leave my t.v. on during a particular marathon for you, p'raps save that show from a well deserved extinction. As long as it isn't on the same night as House or Wild West Tech.

kagetsunami enjoys Ghost Hunters, so expect to see more of that.

That is all for now. You may resume your mud crawling. I'll rattle your tin-can mobile if I need you.

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