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Here's something I didn't know until just now.

fallingblossom has healing powers!

Who knew?

So of course this sparks off a quiz!

Tell us about a skill or power that you have and no one knows about. I tag everyone on my friend's list, this includes janeelliot.

Poll #1275031 Tell us about your secret skill or power

What is your secret skill or power?

anneheart, lyonessnyc, bayleesan, and erfalle must answer or I will assign a skill to you, such as, "Steely gaze had to be licensed with ATF"

I already know abandonada's power. She gets stronger if you zap her with radiation. I know great_bird_2's power. He can can name ships from Star Trek which have yet to be named.

However, they are not exempt. They have to provide some other skill or power.

And, theexpert can't just put, The Expert.
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