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We were happy, moving about the city easily, familiar surroundings and sounds embracing us like family. Sunlight rained in steams through the towering skyscrapers plunging us from dark cool shadow to bright warm sunshine with almost every step. We knew the way but we side tracked and wandered through narrow streets and roads enjoying the journey.

Black beetles parked along against the curb slowly, smoothly pulled into traffic. Their shells opened and wings of plastic cling wrap unfolded and fanned out. Whirring and churning, kicking up dust and twigs, the beetles lifted impossibly into the air with a deep angry buzz.

A warm wind suddenly swept down the street pulling leaves and trash along with it. The grass began to sway sadly as the birds lifted to flight. The crickets shut up, their sudden silence left a ringing in our ears.

Then we could hear it, the soft, incessant roar. Confusion gripped us, everyone, we stood in the middle of the street looking up at the darkening sky.

The sound crashed around us and we ran just as the world turned to night. The wind whistled and snatched at our clothes, flinging dirt into our faces, cutting us, fighting us. Everyone was in full panic now as our screams were snatched away by the maddening sound.

I looked back and felt my heart fill with ice.

It was the end.

A storm that covered the sky. A storm of steel blades slicing off the tops of the tall buildings and sucking them up into blackness.

It was time to go for my annual walk around the house. The leaves were turning, falling slowly, gently to the ground. The weather could not decide if it wanted to be sunny or not but I figured it was now or never. This was my 8th time taking my trek around the house and I didn't want to break my tradition just yet.

First, I mowed the lawn, picking up all the colorful leaves and adding them to the pile of mulch in the back of the yard. I have to be careful with my grass piles. One year, lightning hit the pile and in animated, turning into a shambling mound and terrified the housing community. I had to get a 5 gallon can of Round Up to take it down. It just melted into black, tarry rotting grass. Not pretty.

'M tired and did nothing all day.
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