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The succulent taste of disappointment

It is a field of amber hues, umbra and saffron, scarlet and gold, blushes of pink and of year long age shifting with the breath of wind, changing myopically, wildly, filling the air with blustery forms of transparent sculpture.

It is a magic sepulchre of time.

I am disappointed with the 21st century.

It's close to its first decade and nothing has really changed.

We still have war, famine and injustice and there are still no flying cars.

We still don't have a Microsoft product that works. I mean, I don't ask for much, just do what it says on the box. Really!

Everything is breaking down, falling apart. Our answer is to throw it away. Toss it into the big pile of stuff and forget it. I went to the repair shop because my printer is on the fritz and the guy says, well, it's usually cheaper to just buy a new one.

What bizarro universe does that make sense?

My fancy cordless drill is on the fritz. The drill is fine, it's the batteries that are frelled. "You don't use it enough." The man explains. What? Should I just randomly drill holes in things then?

So I have to buy new batteries which cost almost as much as the drill itself did. The drill which came with batteries. Do the math. Drill plus batteries equals batteries by themselves. Ergo, the drill is free?

And you wonder why I failed math.

I have a auger. You've seen the Amish use them. It's the original cordless drill. Takes ten times longer to make a hole but I don't have to spend 150 bucks every other year just for the convince of making holes in stuff.

My main computer is got a virus. It's a company out of India which installs a fake virus on your computer and sends you NEVER ending pop ups and machine lags until you send them $40.00 to buy their useless program that will remove their virus. Instead I will spend $60.00 to take it to the repair shop to have them remove the thing. I figure I would rather send 60 bucks to American workers than 40 bucks to Indian thieves. It will ease my mind but never replace the 8 hours I've already spent struggling to remove the virus myself.

8 hours I wouldn't have to spend if Microsoft made a proper program in the first place.

Kagetsunami has her new MAC and I think I should have gone MAC 10 years ago. I wonder how far along we'd all be if we didn't spend a huge amount of time struggling with a stupid program that doesn't work.

P'raps we'd have flying cars.
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