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Waiter? Can I get a side of fire extinguisher?

Like hundreds of millions of Americans on this day, we were all turkey'd out. Sure, we have some on tap, but how many times a day are we gonna eat the T-Bird?

Into the car, over the river and through the woods to the Chinese restaurant we go. Top notch food and packed to capacity. Johnny, the owner, was on hand to greet his guests with glee.

Stuffed to the point of no return, kagetsunami and st_alix sort out the bill as I slip away to go and use the facility.

As I push open the door to the bathroom, I pause for a second or two trying to figure out why all I can see is white, cottony smoke.


I look down and see that the plastic garbage can is on fire! The melting plastic and paper has made a burning puddle on the floor and I quickly stomp it out. I scan the room real quick and notice that nothing else is on fire, but I can't see very far because of the smoke. Since I didn't actually walk into the bathroom, I just closed the door and walked about ten feet to the waitress and touch her shoulder. "There is a small fire in the bathroom." I tell her quietly.

I'm thinking, I can't be sure nothing else is on fire, or if something in the garbage can is still on fire, and I'm not going to walk into a room of smoke, but I don't want to panic everyone. Sure there are exits but that wouldn't do much in a crowded restaurant.

She steps over, cracks the door and curls of smoke crawl out. She closes the door and tells Johnny.

Johnny runs right in. He almost vanishes into the smoke and into one of the bathroom stalls. I'm guessing that must have been one fire in the past and the first thing he checks. I point at the smoking garbage can. "I think it was this."

More staff is running in the hall now and I back out of the way. The smoking can is quickly moved into the kitchen.

A little smoke has made it into the dinning area and people are looking concerned and a little worried, but the waiter comes by and explains that someone had tossed a lit cigarette in to the garbage.

So we pay the bill and head out. In the parking lot, I show off the melted plastic on my shoe.

kagetsunami then announces, "Guys! We just witnessed a Chinese fire drill!"
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