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It's been awhile

The prickling burn of frost covers my cheek as a gentle wind cuts through my body like an avenging sword. Needles, long and whisper sharp grow slowly from the ground, like grass blades of steel, and slice into my tender feet.

It is dark.

Light sparks and a feeble candle glows, filling the air with shimmering gold. The old metal of the lantern squeals in protest as I drop the globe back down, trapping the fiery sprite within.

I left the heavy hatch, like the lid to a sepulcher, surprised at it's weight and reluctance to move. I finally abandon reverence and with a heave shove it, letting it crash to the ground.

I gaze through the wispy fingers steam that rise like a witch's locks caught in the wind. I watch the heaving, breathing blanket of fog for a moment before a playful wind pulls it away to show me the churning cauldron of bubbling blood.

Nearly naked, I step in.

My skin hackles as every pore in my body elates, Ah!

Up to my chin in the swirling quagmire of warmth embrace I am guarded against the cold. My body bleeds away stress and pain in the ass bosses and stupid widgets that don't work and I am purified, cleansed by the bubbling broth I bathe in that churns like milk.

After a while, a shadow flickers by my shoulder. It is kagetsunami. She holds out a pint of Bass Ale. "I thought you might want a beer."

Keeping a man happy isn't hard at all, is it?
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