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Piss Off!

Everyone is concerned about wasting our natural resources and I would like to help us conserve. We must effectively use our resources. Here's an example: We pee in the toilet. Each time we flush, like, gallons of water is wasted just for a little pee. That isn't a very efficient use of water. Imagine the electricity expended to refill that cistern.

We take showers. Well, why not just pee in the shower? Guys already do it and there is no wasted water. You're already bathing! Stuff already going down the drain. Shampooing your hair, let it loose! If you get a little dribble on you, it's your pee and sterile to you. Plus, you wash it off. No wasted water!

And do we have to shower every day? Why not follow our French brothers and shower once a month? Just spritz on some Eu Du Toilet and your good for the week. Feeling really rank? Spritz on some more. The cost of your cologne is nothing compared to your savings in water and electricity.

For more green tips, just stay tuned to this LJ.
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