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Wanna save the planet? Play video games!

We're in an exercise craze here in the United States. Everyone wants to Walk/run/row/glide/thighmaster our selves to the picture of health. And while we go to great lengths to make ourselves the vision of beauty, we're destroying the planet one lap at a time.

When we exercise our respiration goes up, thus putting out more carbon into the air. Then every calorie we senselessly burn needs to be replaced putting more demand on our farming industry to provide it. More food being hauled from the farm to the market and then to our tables. All that fuel burned just so we can tackle our love handles.

It's a proven fact that driving three miles to the market is environmentally friendlier than walking.

And that has a purpose. How much damage are we doing to our planet on the stair master? Just an endless loop of stairs. There's no mission, just raw calorie burn.

Save calories, save the planet. Reduce your calorie consumption. The couch is a great place for that. Sell your Wii! Too much calorie use. Reduce your calorie intake to, say, 30 a day. Use long naps to conserve energy.

Is your treadmill being used as a coat rack? Good use of space! Your stationary bike mocking you? Mock it back. You're saving the planet!

And saving the planet looks good.
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