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Kall of the Krispy Kreme

We are all locked within the icy prison of winter. (with the exception of vonstrassburg who's fanning himself of a beach somewhere signaling the shaved ice guy for another round) Temperatures for foxmagic have plummeted into the 60's while they have climbed into the balmy 19's for redfishie. We are all tempted to reach with shivery numb fingers to the thermostat, to take the frost off our noses and thaw out the blue damsels.

But with each click of the dial, we feed another heaping tea spoon of our ancestry into the fiery maw of the furnace. Electric, coal, wood, oil, somewhere along the line we are using up our precious resources and deepening our carbon foot print just to keep our fannies toasty.

Well, no more!

Nature provides us the answer!

Don't touch that dial!

Grab yourself a dozen donuts. Cream filed Bostons, glazed Crullers, phallic éclairs and fruity turnovers will be our salvation. Just as animals in nature bulk up for the winter, so should we. Layer on a blanket of all natural blubber and save on heating costs.

A little chill in the air? Have some cake! Baklava would be preferred.
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