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Yet another reason to watch Coraline

It has music by They Might be Giants.

4 stars for this magical movie. The entire movie was hand made to include the four inch tall sweaters hand knitted by a woman using needles to knit with.

Part of what screws up my movie going experience is the theatre employees who spew inane company dialog.

I walk up to the concession stand and as I approach, I am promptly waited on. Big plus. Before I open my mouth she asks, "Would you like some popcorn, soda or candy?" I don't reply, "No, I'm looking for an alternator for my 72 VW Bug, but since I don't see that on the marque, I'll just lose myself in the vapid space of your empty head. It's a bloody movie theatre concession stand! You're supposed to sell those things and I would expect to buy them here! Why else would I walk up here?" What I do say is, "I'll have a medium popcorn and a medium diet Coke." she counters with, "Would you like to make that a large?" and I don't counter-counter with, "Oh, I didn't realize this is ask for what you don't want day." but instead say, "A medium popcorn and diet coke." She then says this, and I am so not making this up. "Coke Zero is the new diet Coke and Diet Coke is now caffeine free Diet Coke." and I don't say, "Fucking what? Are you trying to be funny?" but I say, "I want Diet Coke with Caffeine in it." and I don't add, "like God intended."

Just accept the illusion, sew buttons on your eyes, and let us drink your soul.

Thank you! Please, come again!

Why are things so FUCKING complicated? Just give me what I ask for! If I was standing there with my mouth agape going, ahhhhhh, suggest something to nudge me along, but I walked up and asked for something specific.

It's like Starbucks when you ask for a large they tell you that the large is a small and Vente is the large. This makes sense only to the guy who grinds his coffee with a razor blade on a mirror and snorts it.

I'm pissed in general because I'm again searching for a publisher for Shard's Thugs. This is always an emotional kick to the nuts adventure for me. Writing is fun, dealing with publishers is just as fun assuming you enjoy the pleasant pain of root canal. Working with publishers is like doing homework on a warm spring day. It's trauma ten fold. This one says they DON'T want it double spaced and to send the WHOLE manuscript.

This one does warn that following their guidelines to the letter is part of the submission processes. Fuck it up and we hit the delete button and DON'T tell you while you wait four months (No simultaneous submissions)for no answer.

They say it's their simple instructions and yet admit to deleting 80% of their submissions. Obviously the instructions are not so simple if 80% of the public can't figure them out. I've already found 2 direct contradictions so I may have to e-mail them for clarification.

See? Fun!


I'll tackle it next week Wednesday. I've printed it off and I'll go through it with a highlighter. Hopefully I can pass this first test before I get rejected anyway.
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