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Goal, met.

I had one task for today, today being my day off, and that was to take my latest work, Shard's Thugs and crush it into a single page, no more than two.

By now you may realize that I'm incapable of brevity and the idea of me consolidating 131,000 words to just a tiny space no more than 22 inches in a normal font unthinkable, but yet it is done. It had to be done.

They wanted the entire book squeezed down to a two page maximum synopsis. This tiny synopsis would determine if they would want to read the whole thing. After that if they felt it was worthy of publishing would do so. This means that everything rides on that tiny space of just 1,400 words.

And they wonder why people are no longer submitting to publishers. I have to pour all the excitement, humor, and intrigue of an entire novel of 131,000 words into 1,400 words.

That's all I get. I have to sell my book with one thousand, four hundred words. I could talk about wiping my ass in one thousand worlds. I could talk about flicking a booger in one thousand words.

The task is to sell a book in same space of time.

It's done.

Go me.
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