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So far, this Ebay thing is working.

I've always wanted a Volkswagen Beetle. My dad drove one for many years. They were distinct, charismatic and just plain cute.

My first car was a VW Beetle. It was a red 71. I no longer have that car due to a series of unfortunate events that were in no way my fault. I've longed for another, but practicality prevented me.

Years went by, 20 or so, and I never lost that want to own another.

So a couple years ago I started a Punch Buggy Fund. Unexpected money, like tax returns and bonuses and organ sales went into the account. As I squirreled some spare cash away, I debated if I shouldn't use the money towards something more practical, like mother's salivary gland operation. While it would be nice to see Mom spit again, I was over ruled by other thoughts such as, wouldn't this drive to work be nicer if I was in a Beetle? and, imagine how much gas I would save driving a Beetle, it would pay for itself in the first month.

I checked some used car mags and realized that they were asking far too much for junkers that didn't run and I got very discouraged.

It was looking like Mom was going to spit again after all when I wondered if the bad economy was forceing people to sell their cars at a more reasonable rate, so I went on ebay. I've never shopped on e-bay before and I poked around, looked at a few cars, put in a few bids, got out bidded and found one car that looked about right and the owner was asking a decent price.

Well, I put in a bid.

And, I won!

It's a 74, little rust and a strong engine. We're finalizing the deal as we speak. I could have it on the road by the end of this week.

Be excited for me!
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