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Pens cost twenty five cents

It was a most pleasant experience at the DMV today. Es Verdad! Walk in to the information line they give you the forms you need, fill that out, here's your number, wait over there.

My number was 458.

I step out to get a quarter from my car to buy a pen from the machine and when I get back, I look up at the big deli number board it it reads 450.

I check my number. In the time I check my number, the deli board now reads 451.

Quickly I begin to fill out my form. On the top of the form it says you may not cross out or scratch out any errors. This is why the man gave me two forms. Fill out one, but here's another in case you make a mistake.

It says, NAME. As in my name. Cool, nailed that. Then Address, and everything falls to pieces.


I pull out the second form as I glance back at the deli clock. 452. We're moving along. Back to NAME again. Power through that. Address, take a breath, don't muck it up, okay, we're good.

What kind of car is it? 2dr, 4dr? Well it's a sedan. VW owners know that the 2dr VW is a sedan. Why? Ah donno. It just is.

I look up and the sign reads 453.

Color, white, odom, 156,000, seller, got that, engine, gas, cylinder, 4, VIN, check.

The sign calls for 454 as I sign the bottom. Done!

I loan my twenty five cent pen to a nice lady beside me and wait about 7 minutes, 38 seconds before she hands it back to me. Three minutes after that they call my number.

At the counter, a very nice lady processes my paper work. She ooohs when she sees its a 1974 convertible. She ponders over type. It's a sedan? She asks. I show her the owners manual. "Huh..." She flounders a bit. "I'll just put two door."

Whatever makes you happy. She hands me my papers and tells me, "you're all set".

"Cool Bunnies!" I exclaim. She looks askance at me and I explain that it means, "Cool, I understand, roger wilco and out!"

She gives me a smile and a nod that I've seen a thousand times before. It's the smile and nod that says, "Okay, Fah-reek."

So, here's the plan. I meet the seller at High Noon today and pick up the car. If we're lucky, I drive it home. If not, come up with a plan B.

Wish me luck!

Cool Bunnies!
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