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I'll have to get a VW Icon.

It's home. It was an effortless drive and the car performed well.

My goal is to, over time, make it look the way it did in 1974, except it might be a different color.

It was everything it was said to be. I was nervous because everyone had e-bay horror stories. "I bought a new heart from this guy and it turned out to be a baboon heart that when I had it implanted it made me a rapist!" I mean, stuff like that. It didn't take much to drive bonkers over the whole deal.

But it does need work. Bearings, brakes, valves, for starts. Some I can do myself. I ordered the How to keep your VW alive for the complete idiot from B&N. Best instructional guide evah! With that, I can do a lot of the work myself.

The roof needs replacing, but that's to be expected.

The engine and transmission were strong but I might have to do the rings some time soon. That's something I might be able to do myself as well. We'll see.

Thank you all for your positive vibes. It made the trip go smoothly.
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