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The animation of inanimate objects

Where is it?

It was just here. Did I drop it? No. Did I put it in my pocket? No. Only Badge, ear bud and dental floss. Okay, it was just here. What's that under here? No. Bloody hell, I just had the stupid thing. It has to be here. What the? Okay, inventory pockets. Nope, only screws, car keys and bandanna. Okay, maybe it fell on the floor and rolled under the desk. Agh, getting old. Come on knees, play nice. I need a flash light. Up again, down again, quit yer bitchin' I'm not thrilled with this exercise program m'self. Okay, where is it? Nothing under here but dust bunnies. God I need to vacuum. Okay, it's not under there. It's not in my pockets, nothing in there but thirty seven cents in change, measuring tape and a used Band-aid. Okay, I can throw out the Band-aid. I should empty the trash. Well, I can still compact it a little. Enough to fit a Band-aid.

Blast! Where did it go? It was just here. Okay, retrace steps. I walked over here, did this, did it fall under here? Oh, flashlight. Now where's the flash light? Come on, guys work with me! Okay, we got light. Oh, I was looking for that last week. I went out and bought another because I couldn't find that. Frell. Well, now I have a spare. I should put this where I can find it again.

Damn it! Where is it? Not in my pockets. All I have are cell phone, spark tester and gerber in my pockets. Okay, what was I doing? I had the towel in my hand and I put it... under the towel? No! I was standing right here. Did I put it up there? Can't feel anything but dust and... Ewww! Oh, no wait! It's not a dead mouse. Let me get a chair and take a look up here. Okay, it is a dead mouse. Sorry guy.

Alright, not down there, not up there, not in my pockets. Only things in my pockets are ear plugs, wallet and Nordic protection rune stone. Blast! Where did it go? Well, can I use something else instead? No, that doesn't fit.

Argh! This is driving my bloody crazy!

It's not here, it's not there, it's not in my pocket.

What's this?


It was in my pocket all this time.

Funny that.
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