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Make up exam

So, there was this Star Trek test where you get to click buttons and through a very scientific process using log-rhythms and other euclidean math tricks to tell you who you would be if you were on the Star Ship Enterprise in the 23rd century.

In my first test, I was this guy:
Your results:
You are An Expendable Character (Redshirt)

Click here to take the Star Trek Personality Quiz

Why? Because I am the unsung trooper in the back ground who no one notices until he's gone. Do a good job, work hard, obey orders and fail that crucial awareness/notice roll or reflex saving throw.

I didn't want to die my first day on the job, so I monkey'd some answers and I was Captain Picard, which I liked.

But several of my LJ friends found they too were red shirts. That we are not the big wigs who for some reason or another rose to the top. Luck, family influence, computer brain, we don't have such things. We have only our bravery, stalwart attention to duty and a tri-corder instead of a phaser.

There is no shame in being a red shirt. Someone has to make the heroes look good and we're willing to give our lives to do it.

I just hope it doesn't hurt too much.
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