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To much teh bug

Four bags of recycling!
Two huge baskets stuffed with laundry!
Two bags of household trash!
Three bags of paper!
Kitty Litter, changed, all four of them!
Cardboard, flattened!
Crap that was begging to go into the basement, taken to the basement!
Stuff put away!
And the house still looks like a mess!

How can this be?

Could it be that p'raps I'm spending too much time on the Gen, the Bug? That I'm fawning over her? Unable to sleep knowing that her mirror was tilted, or worried that a new leak in the roof of the garage where she sleeps is over her head? Sitting on a cornflake waiting for the UPS truck to bring me new, shiny parts when I should be doing, ah donno, important stuff, like, uh, ah donno, bathing?

And what's with bathing? It's the 21st century! How is it that we're still splashing water on ourselves? That our most advancement in bathing is the massage jet shower head?

Sure, AXE has this funk spray which I'm sure will keep the funk covered up long enough for some real gamy fungus to grow on you.

Should we not have, ah donno, some ionic archway where you walk through, clothes and all and poof! You're clean?

Noooooo. We're still using water. Ugh.

Well, I took a break from Gen to clean the house a little bit and discovered that, there's another layer to tackle. Frell.

Truth be told, I only wanted to clean up so I could find the camera.

I want to take some photo's of Gen and all the shiny new parts that she's got and post them to LJ for you. So you can share in the Joy that his Gen.

I know, that's mighty nice of me. You're welcome.

Whatever the motivation, at least the place is getting clean.
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