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Why Al Gore needs to shut the fuck up.

So, I'm at Starbucks. I'm there to buy coffee that's been brewed and poured into a mostly recycled paper cup along with a cup bumper thing that smugly proclaims it has an even higher recycled paper content than the cup.

While in line, there for my impulse buy right where I can't miss it, I note the stack of packaged coffee beans (beans where coffee comes from) piled up like pirate loot ready to plunder. I've not been to the super market for a while and I can just pick up some raw coffee and brew it at home and save some bucks.

How convenient that I don't have to go to the super market!

The Happy-Lit-Up-On-Coffee girl who's getting me my brewed coffee gleefully says the price is on the back.

$17.00 dollars.

$17.00 American Dollars.

They want $17.00 American Dollars for the same bag of coffee, that same decorated bag of Starbuck's coffee, that same sized bag of Starbuck's coffee, not Chock-Fulla-Nuts Captain Schlomo's or someone else's, but Starbuck's, Starbuck's coffee with the same Starbuck's logo and not some cheap, Prada knockoff, but Starbuck's actual coffee, that I can get at Super Stop and Shop, or Big Y, or Shoprite, or Pathmark, or Grand Union, or Piggly Wiggly, or Food Lion, for $9.00, sans coupon.

Now, I can save gas and green house gasses and mental stress and buy the coffee there and nearly twice the price, or I can kill the world a little more and drive out and buy from the Super Market.

Or, I can kill our economy and spend money that I don't have by buying specialty coffee that I can't afford.

I think that it would be best for all concerned that planet Earth be made inhospitable to support human life as soon as possible.
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