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Meet Gen

This is Gen. Gen is short for Generation.

Gen is a 1974 Super Beetle Convertable.

She's a little on the quiet side.

She has no tuneage. That blank space where the stereo goes is filled with an old stereo with no accountable face plate. Useless to me.

And she needs speakers. The goob who installed the stereo did the standard mistake of sticking the stereo speakers in the doors. This is a mistake! The doors can't handle them and the opening and closing of the doors will screw up the speakers. So I'm going to put them down there.

Under the dash. But first, a little work.

Kick Panels!

With a little trimming with my Dremmel, I can get them to fit. Then a little holeage,

and the speaker fits in there.

While this is going on, I also have some work to do. Yank out the old stereo, put in the new antenna, put back the rubber grommet so the antenna cable won't saw itself on the sheet metal as it passes through the bulkhead (far harder than it sounds), re-thread the window washer hoses while I'm there and run the Blue Tooth Mic Wire.


Then slap it all together!

And we have sound! And a new antenna! And the Window Washer squirty thing still does not work. However, everything that was working before is still working!

Here's a closeup of the stereo. I took out the ashtray to mount a cup holder. Yes, I know, true VW's don't have cup holders, but I neeeeeeeeed a cup holder. So deal.
The stereo is a Sony X-plode with Blue tooth. This means that when I sit in the car with my cell phone in my pocket, I don't have to fish it out. I can push a button on my stereo and make calls! Or while I'm driving, the car will ring and I can answer the phone. How cool is that?

I still have the other kick plate to install, and the new washer switch and the new back up light relay, which I know have those parts.

Things are coming along nicely.
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