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I made my baby squirt!

Start with some nice lighting, music, a little chat, a little snuggling and then little loving.

Then a little more loving.

And p'raps some toys.

And more loving.

And a little KY.

And some more loving.

And we're moving and grooving and a little muscle with some loving and a little more KY and a few curse words and a deity is evoked and then with just a touch at the right time and the right place and suddenly my baby squirts!

Spewed all over the windshield!

And I cheered!

And then I fixed the wipers to clean it off.

Yup! I fixed the window washer in Gen! I replaced the switch, hooked up the hoses, pressurized the system, Air cooled VW's used air pressure to power the window washer, chased down leaks, and all is well.

You may be wondering, why would I need wipers and washers for a car that can't go out in the rain. That's a good questions and I will explain fully right now at this time.

Because not being able to do that was bugging the crap out of me.

Oh, true, I had all sorts of REAL reasons, but truth be told, it was bugging me.

Next will be the back up light relay switch. I think I can get some nice pictures of that.

Oh yeah, and I have a new icon.
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