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In the year 1776, on an unbearable muggy, hot night, men argued bitterly, sweating in the flickering candle light. The city of New York was under seige, Manhattan surrounded by British ships of the line, battleships bristling with cannons and soldiers. These men had already gambled so much, their lives already declared forfeit by the King. From the city of Boston, war raged like horrible thunder.

The men, unable to argue anymore, went home for the night, but met in pubs and taverns and cut deals and last minute bargains.

On the next day, they voted.

They voted for freedom.

Mr. Pickering was absent and the delegation from New York, thinking about the ships of the line sailing around the East River, abstained.

Then over the next few weeks, delegates wandered in and signed the document known as the Declaration of Independence.

That was the easy part.

233 years has built this tiny nation to the most powerful and influential on the planet.

I plan to keep it that way.
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