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Poking a dragon with a stick

First comes the rain pants, then galoshes. I wrap duct tape around the hem on the pants sealing the boots and pants nicely.

Then I dig out my latex shirt from my wild days in Soho, England. I had coated it with preservative so it's still black, shiny and stretchy. It still fits if I don't breathe too much.

Then comes the rain coat and hat I bought from a retired New England Sea captain. Suddenly I'm a cheerfully colored banana.

I pull on big rubber pot scrubber gloves and duct tape that to the sleeves sealing up everything.

Last comes the full welders mask. Smells musty and there's a Darth Vader echo going on, but it is necessary.

Then I ask kittenkatt "How did your date go?"

Laugh deary, it's the best thing.
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