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Dear kagetsunami

I am sorry that I could not be there to send you off on your adventure, or better yet, there to share your iceberg chilled libation. Truth is that I missed you before you left.

12 hours at work went relatively smoothly. Something that I failed to mention is that I signed up to audition for Deal or no Deal. The auditions are next week and we'll see if I make it. Who knows.

The guy with the skylight wants to come do everything on Wednesday and if the weather holds up, you'll have that to come home too.

I replaced the propane tank on the Mosquito zapper. I hope it's running because the mosquitoes are out in force. S'funny, now that all the AC units are in, I can't just look out the window to see if it's on. Bloody tempermental thing.

Oh, by the way, your pager keeps going off. Should I call them back?

Tink stopped by so we did some hot tubbing. Tried to adjust the chemicals and succeeded in turning the water in to the most perfect tone of Green. I'll have to buy more chemicals.

Cleaned up the ferret room a bit. I threw out all the old slurry and made fresh. I played with her a bit and gave her her meds.

Rose got her's too. Struggled, but got it down. Beef flavor my buttocks. I have her locked in our bed room with litter so I can make sure she's peeing. This way I know if I have to take her to the emergency room or not.

In unrelated news, Walter Kronkite is dead and NASA taped over the original video of the first man on the moon.

April and Tod went to see Lewis Black and then off to Boston. They'll be back Monday so I'll have the house to myself. My plan is to clean then kitchen and put more shelves in the pantry. It needs it.

Normal schedule tomorrow. Oh, joy.

Your Friend:
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