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Dear kagetsunami

Gen is being a little naughty trying to prove that she can go faster than 75 miles per hour. I have faith that she can, but it isn't good for her so we stay at the speed limit. You father says your uncle has three rims for me. This will speed up my plans for replacing the sport rims with stock.

Gen is getting about 30-35 miles to the gallon. Depends if the top is up or not. I'm okay with that. Hopefully I can squeeze out a few more MPG once I adjust the timing.

The War between the AC and the WC continues. AC meaning Air Cooled engines and WC meaning Water Cooled engines, or classic VW's verses new. The AC guys wave to each other and exchange cards at red lights with names and contact info on the front and unique tools listed on the back. "If you need a chrome, left handed spanner, chill some beer, give me a call and I'll be right over with one." Whereas the WC people don't acknowledge your existence, even when you follow them home, beeping your horn. It looks like a scene from a bad divorce.

AC: "Why won't you talk to me?"
WC: "Leave me alone!"
AC: "Come on, we've got the coolest rides on the planet, we're family!"
WC: "You're dead to me!"

The fan is going, somethings grinding its way to dust in there, but the fan motor is good. So, another thing to add to the laundry list of stuff for Gen. I'll be putting off the new springs and stuff until September time frame.

Why? Well, Rose has been scheduled for surgery. She has a stone that needs to be removed. Doc says she'll be fine until, but I'll keep a close eye on her.

Naga got some good play time today, though right now I don't know where she is.

Ants are on the move. I had thought about mowing the lawn today but with driving back and forth to Rhodes Island and working the 3-8 shift, I'm a little wiped.

It's Pina Collada time, methinks.

At least the mosquito zapper is working. Without it, we would have to make a tunnel to the road if we ever wanted to make it to the end of the driveway.

Oh! By the way, one of the cadets at the Groton Maritime Academy has the H1N1! Swine flu! And another cadet is also suspect of having it. I don't know what will happen to this years program. They canceled today, Battleship Cove, so they can alert the parents and get all the kids tested. They've also reported 21 cases at the Coast Guard academy. Oink! Oink, oink, oink.

Always your Friend.
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