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Dear Kagetsunami

Rain, soft and cool splashed on leaves of green and bark of gray. It was a great day to not work outside.

I made pancakes. fallingblossom put the idea in my head. After that comes a nice insulin coma compounded by it being a rainy day and I passed out for most the day. I finally dragged my carcass out of bed and set about today's project. Running cable into the guest room.

Like everything it was more complicated than I had planned. Getting April's stuff out of the wriggling into that tiny attic hole, then clambering around up there. It was, at least a chance to bust you my S.W.A.T. tactical knee pads and use them for something.

I do know that when you bought me that cordless power drill, you sought out the best on the market and spared no expense to get me quality stuff, but please, never buy me a cordless anything again. Not even a phone.

So, I get the drill from the basement and test the battery. I can feel the torque cranking in my hand there is so much power. I slither up into the attic, clamber over the joists, put the bit to wood and get about a quarter inch deep before the battery dies.

Well, I needed the exorcise.

I debated between running the cable using an old phone line, or cutting a hole in the wall and mounting it on the same side as the closet door. Aesthetically speaking, the closet door side was a better choice, but my inability to not muck up the wall would mean that the other wall was a far easier and smarter idea.

Well, if I wanted easier and smarter, I would have joined the army, not the Marines.

Plus, I got to play with power tools!

Somehow, I'm not quite sure, I failed to fuck up the wall.

So I decided to test my engineering project. I got the old t.v. from the basement and hooked it up and the cold hand of failure started fondling my lower intestine as it wasn't working. I re-ran the wiring in my head and it should be working. So I unhooked the VCR and used that like a cable box. Nope, still not working. Tried all the switches and buttons and got nothing. So I got the actual cable box and hooked that to the t.v. Still nothing.

So what's the common factor here?

I un-hooked that t.v. and hooked up the t.v. from the kitchen.


So there's cable in the guest room.

It was wonderful to hear your voice, although a little weird with all the background noise and lag. I felt like I should have said, Over, at the end of every sentence. Over.

Rose was being very lovey today while Naga, like all rainy days, wanted nothing more than to curl up and sleep. Everyone else is fine.

Tomorrow? Ah, donno. I think I'll work on fixing Gin's back up lights and speakers. Or P'raps assembling the deck heater.

We shall see.

Always your Friend:
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