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Dear Kagetsunami

I'm suffering a little bit of the creep factor right now. One of the cats batted a piece of hard candy under the chair in the living room. So I'm there watching South Park and suddenly ant are swarming all over me. I do the jinky dance trying to brush them off and stomp on the at the same time. Then I had to dig through the chair to chase them all out.

I hope the weather holds up tomorrow so I can mow and then put down the ant barrier. I may have to spray.

Right now every itch feels like an ant crawling on me.

I dragged myself out of bed, tossed out the old TV at the transfer station. I did not take the garbage because I'm not sure of the new hours and I didn't want to get stuck with garbage in my car for a week.

I then made it to Home Despot and grabbed the new shelves and ant traps.

I also got the rice paper for the glass cabinet thing, and two new head-lights. The lights were 5 bucks and I use them all the time.

Pet-co for litter. There I saw a clutch of ferret pups. They were putting on a show. One started attacking my hand through the glass. I couldn't look away.

I also made it to the new Super Stop and Shop and picked up milk and ice cream. Last stop was Green Onion II for a chicken grinder. Once home, I moved the bicycle and ladder to the barn and parked Baba in her spot for the first time in a month it seems.

I set up the new shelves in the pantry. It's something I should have done a long time ago. I then played with Naga and fed her fresh slurry. I've been keeping the ferret room clean.

I took four hours early on Friday.

Tomorrow I'll hang the new medicine cabinet in the bath room if I can't mow the lawn.

Work tomorrow, so I guess I'll head in.

Always your friend:
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