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Dear Kagetsunami.

It's been a rainy day today. Our big case was an over-turned tractor trailer, the driver okay. I foolishly went the whole day with only a banana, but it was a good banana.

I've been thinking about your plight and I've and idea. Buy yourself a Parasol. If not, then get an umbrella. It's a well know fact that the ozone is thiner down there. You're getting way too much sun.

The bottom line is you're in a strange and wondrous land don't hide on the ship. Explore!

April got her car back and we went out to Mirch Marsalla's for dinner. I then played with Naga.

The roof guys dropped off the new sky light. It is in a box outside, in the rain.

Your dad dropped off the rims. I'll have them sand blasted and powder coated black. Wtih chrome hub caps and white walls, that'll look sweet. Oh, you know that the wheel in the garage that I almost tossed but didn't because it looked like a VW rim? Turns out it's a VW rim. I have four wheels now.

Anyway, gotta end this now. Working late tonight and 4 hours early tomorrow. Clock is set for 0230 hours.

Oh, the astronaut guys who faked the moon landing? They got together to ask the president to fake a landing on Mars. Oy!
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