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Dear Kagetsunami

Thank you for the pictures of me enjoying ice cream and sake. I have some ice cream here so I will have some with picture me. I will hold off on the sake until you return and can pour it for me.

Last night was a dark, and story night. The portable garage took a beating. Hopefully with a couple days of good weather it'll dry off and I can get it off the deck. The skylight leaked like a sieve which is nice. It justifies getting the new one.

Oh, Baba is home and looking like new. I'll need you to endorse the insurance check when you get back.

It was a 13 hour day. It started off with my clock being 45 minutes ahead so I woke up early, got ready to go, dressed made coffee then looked at the clock wondering why I was 45 minutes ahead of schedule. Turns out I needed that 45 minutes of sleep.

The Groton Maritime Academy graduated and I stopped by to say hi and swipe a burger, but I got called away before the burger part.

But I got a chance to say some nice things about the program, the positive parts. S'not so bad since I'm not the one making promises that can't be kept anymore. The families were happy, as were the kids. That's the important part, right?

I've mis-placed my phone. I hope it's somewhere at work.

Leftovers for dinner. I played with Naga a little. She seemed to only want to eat and sleep. I played with Cisko a little. He's in his room to keep the other cats from eating his prescription food.

April's gone for the weekend, so it's just me.

When you get back, we'll have to meet up and Bobby Flay's Burger place and have a burger. My treat.
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