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Dear Kagetsunami

Whenever a Hobbit is taken from the shire, adventure is involved. Dragons, magic rings, a host of shenanigans is on call for Hobbits and tonight was no exception. Seems you just can't have a proper adventure without a Hobbit in the party.

With my top coat, walking staff and extra handkerchiefs, along with a pack stuffed with nice cakes for no Hobbit goes far without some, I was ready for anything.

I was called out to Mo' Heegan Jr's place. Seems he had a bit of a family issue with his large, evil, Haitian magic using father. Well, we got there and at first it was a little intimidating, but we managed and all worked out. Seems that Mo's dad only want to have his say. And say he did.

Once that was over, we all kicked back and had some lovely cakes and enjoyed the company of our little troupe.

I took pictures but due to technical difficulties I was unable to share them with you.

I will see you tomorrow love!

Always your friend:
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