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Planned? Or revenge of the WC's!

Motoring along, wind in my hair, stereo playing, adventure awaiting around the corner, assuming we make it that far.

There was a warning, if you would call it that. Just a strange clacking noise coming from the rear compartment and before I could think, what is that strange clacking noise? I notice the lights are all on on the dashboard.

We're stalled and rolling down the hill.

I find an off street and coast to safety.

Gen won't start and it doesn't sound right. I take the big wrench and spin that big bolt on the engine and it turns over. This means that it's not seized.

I slither under, but I can't see the starter or solenoid, my other guesses based on the sound it makes when I try to crank the engine.

However, strange as this sounds, the number one place in the state for air cooled engines is right up the street. In fact, when the engine died, it was right in front of the place.

He takes me in and tries to get it running, but after a while it's grave news.

No compression. This means I'm looking at an overhaul.

Ah well. I was planning on doing that and what better place than where it's at?

It's just out of all the places this horrible thing could have happened, it happened there, you know?
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