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It's a beautiful morning?

Sunlight ripples through the dark green canopy as wind, soft and teasing, play in the leaves above. In the distance, the far distance, children squeal in delight and laughter as water slaps and explodes from another cannon ball.

It is summer, and here at the Shire, the air is cool, the sky is clear and there's not a worry for miles.

I have a cold.

Annoying, makes me talk funny, but that's the extent of it. It only adds to the long list of plagues that have been plaguing me of late. Naga and Rose had surgery, Gen's in the shop, flies in the basement, my eye inflamed, roof leaks, the boiler confloncky and we need a plumber, a flood of woe. Woe that we've managed to weather.

I found that the car rental people charged me 168 bucks after they were supposed to be paid by the insurance company. I called Allstate and the guy says, I'm the claim adjuster, your claim rep is some other guy, but (and here's the cool part) I'm gonna take care of this for you.

And he does. He makes phone calls, gets back to me with updates and in an hour or so, calls and says, it was the rental people's fault, but we're gonna cut you a check and pay you back.


Uh, thanks! That's was easy.

It's why we're sticking with Allstate. They're cool like that.

Skylight guy should be here on Tuesday, we shall see. I should hear something about Gen next week. We shall see.

And I'm gonna have some left over Taco pizza and Margaritas.

Yes, we shall see.
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